“COTTO” deploys flagship products to define the true essence of modern lifestyle with brand new concept “Fulfill Your Dream”


“COTTO” deploys flagship products to define the true essence of modern lifestyle with brand new concept “Fulfill Your Dream”




            COTTO; Thailand leading manufacturer of tiles and sanitary ware industry elevates their customer living experience with flagship products and service by providing comfort, hygienic, and secure home living under the brand new concept “Fulfill Your Dream” to gratify unlimited customer’ self-indulgence.



          Mr. Anuvat Chalermchai, Head of Ceramic Business, SCG Cement-Building Materials Co., Ltd. said: “There are lots of factors makes life getting harder. Stress from life’s daily hassles, polluted air and environment and even the crisis of COVID-19 outbreak are some of those factors. People is then constantly looking for the “Happiness” within their reach. COTTO sees that home is a safe place where people can control their own space and environment. With these reasons, we have continuously studied, researched, analyzed and implemented customer needs into our products to reflect and comprehend satisfaction of each client’s types. We found that our clients can be categorized into two groups. First, the Dream Catcher Group whose age between 23-28 prefers self-determination, socializing with friends through social media yet pursuit of own pleasure and commit to time Freedom are ultimate goal for this Hedonism. Second group is the Committed Dream age 40-60 whom desires to take all responsibility with their own, enjoying physically meeting friends and family, focusing on future plan and ranking convenience and security as their priority. Regarding these diverse requirements, “Fulfill Your Dream” a brand new concept is created to serve utmost living experience to each intimate Dream Space where customers can relax and recharge in order to follow their dream whilst elevating their esthetic sense of living. The innovative products and service by COTTO are served the distinctive lifestyle in 3 elements which are Mood Lifting Environment, by adapting the non-cliché design to its products, Pleasing Well-being; the pleasant and yet desirable of clean, comfy and safe wellness and ultimately, Life-time Hassle Free; worry-free with quality products, one-stop services with environmental concern.



           Moreover, we has promoted our flagship products which aim to enhance next level of comfort, secure and hygienic to our customers. Our all new integrated toilets, Verzo and Optimun are harmonious redesigned and comply with ergonomics body shape together with the special nozzle sterilization and smart wireless remote control including 3 years warranty and free installation with affordable price. The Touch Faucet series makes life easier with touch it on and off sensor. While basin faucet; the Aqua Soap series with automatic soap dispenser helps protecting germs. Anti-Slip surface and durable of X-Porcelain tiles supports home safety. Ultimately, the LT flooring with innovative Limber Technology that makes flooring more durable, easy to maintain, quick installation with finely design and environmental friendly. Moreover, some model of LT flooring provides Shock Absorption that helps mitigating risk specifically to the elderly in any case of unforeseen situation.






            “ “All of this brand new product and service are available at COTTO Life and COTTO Studio with absolute installation service from our well-trained experts together with the warranty. Besides, customers can also visit us online at www.cottolife.com for an easy, fast and convenient channel. Furthermore, in the middle of this year, we plan to launch new line up products to be closely interacted with our valued customer as well as offering new and original ideas to support this “Fulfill Your Dream” project by engaging distinguish concept and idea into a special event. Please stay tune for lots of our incoming interesting activities” said Mr. Anuvat.