ZF15 10" Rain Shower (Round)

ZF15 10" Rain Shower (Round)

Product Category COTTO
Product Main Cat COTTO
Product Use Loca Inside
Type Fixed Shower
Function Shower Head Round
Material Brass,Plastic ABS
Series Rain Shower
Weight 0.95 kilogram
Barcode 8852410909945


  • 1. Made from High-Quality ABS plastic plated with Chromium
  • 2. Easy to clean the unwanted dirt or sediment by using finger wipe on the rubber on nozzle

Product Tips

  • Use With Conceal Valve

Care Warning Instruction

  • 1. Do not hit the rinsing spray to protect causing damage. 2. Do not use toilet cleaners with acid content for cleaning product. 3. Do not use hard brush or steel wood for cleaning the product to prevent scratch marks.Soft-cloth is recommended for cleani

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